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Take your planted aquarium to the next level with our game-changing CO2 system!

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Ridiculously Easy

Sets up in 15 minutes, no specialized knowledge required and works with anything! SodaStream, Paintball and industrial cylinders (CGA32) - - CO2 has never been this easy. 

No Compromises

Powered by an state-of-the-art pressure adjustable regulator with integrated DC solenoid coupled to the best in-tank and in-line atomizers on the market, easy doesn't mean lazy whether your an absolute beginner or a pro!


CO2 is the most important upgrade for your planted aquarium but that doesn't mean it has to be expensive. By offering our universal OMNI CO2 as a system,  it's more affordable than any comparable system and you control your own running costs.


Thoughtfully ensemble with everything that you need in-the-box to inject CO2, automate the injection and monitor CO2 concentration. There's nothing else to buy. 

Our official CO2 launch site is still under construction - see products pages for more info and to take advantage of our generous early-bird pre-launch discounts!

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