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Glass Planting Pot
  • Glass Planting Pot


    This little glass plant pot allows your to grow an additional plant hanging off the side of your aquarium and gives you a prominent place to put a particularly special specimen plant or just experiment with substrates, fertilizers and plant species that you're not sure about before you commit. Some people with taller tanks also use these to keep carpet plants in which require more light - so you can 


    It's an attractive addition to any aquarium and is small and inconspicuous enough that it does not distract from your overall aquascape. Give  it a try and it might become one of your favorite things!


    • 5.5cm/2" Tall, 6cm/2.25" Wide and 5cm/2' wide
    • Hand spun from high quality crystal clear glass
    • Holds enough weight to fill with substrate - just clean the glass before you put it on
    • Dual suction cups hold it in place nicely 
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