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Luxury Fish Net
  • Luxury Fish Net

    SKU: AP5NET-P3L1R4

    What the heck is a "Luxury Fish Net"? Sounds like someone in marketing is running out of ideas...


    But for real, these fish nets are the nicest you've ever seen. Silky smooth, high thread-count mesh beautifully stitched together with no loose threads. Kind of like the equivalent of 1000 thread-count Egyptian cotton bed sheets: just really really nice!


    More importantly, these nets are designed to cradle your fish in comfort and prevent damaging the delicate slime coats that are so important to their survival and disease resistance.


    The vast majority of conventional fish nets are made from stiff, scratchy material that will scrape and injure your fish especially if they struggle or move around. These silky smooth nets, by contrast, are an absolute revelation. 


    Fish are most prone to stress and disease after they have been handled and transferred to a new environment. A poor quality fish net - all too common unfortunately - can cause abrasions on your fish which opens to door to attach by disease organisms, such as bacteria, fungi and parasites that would not otherwise bother a healthy specimen.


    For a fish that is already unwell, just a simple transfer with a poor quality net to a quarantine tank will decrease its odds of recovery. 


    While a product like Prime or Stress Coat can help renew the protective slime coat, they do so by irritating the skin which will then produce the excess mucus. For some fish, that's not a good idea and can make the situation worse. 


    Use this super soft net to handle your delicate critters with the love and care that they deserve  and prevent problems before they occur. Ditch the "Stress Coat" and just avoid damaging your fish to begin with. They will thank you by staying healthier, acclimating to a new environment faster and being more resilient to disease!


    For shrimp-keepers, check out our favorite net for handling delicate shrimp!


    Net: 4" x 5"

    Handle: 10.5"

    Total Length: 14.5"

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