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Canister filter multipurpose water changer and automatic top up
  • Multipurpose Water Changer for Canister Filters

    Neat little valve that allows you to drain water from your aquarium or add water from a tap all with just a twist of a knob! You can install these onto your canister filter hose permanently (with the valve shut) letting you remove and add water into your aquarium easily and efforlessly to make regular water changes simple and quick.


    No more messy siphons or heavy buckets! Can also be connected to a tap for regular top ups.


    • High quality plastic, well designed valves and built-in hose clamps to prevent any leakage
    • Connect to a third hose that can be used to drain or add water whenever you want
    • For best results, connect to the intake side of the canister hose circuit
    • Drain water into a bucket or sink with the twist of a knob
    • Attach hose to a tap to quickly and easily add water through your inflow without disturbing plants  or substrate
    • Compatible with automatic top-up equipment
    • Freely rotatable body to prevent twisted and kinked hoses
    • Available for 12/16 and 16/22 size hoses
      $14.95 Regular Price
      $11.96Sale Price

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