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VIV Mini Jet Outflow
  • VIV Mini Jet Outflow

    SKU: VIV100-07-F1

    The VIV Mini Jet Outflow is designed to maximize water movement in your aquarium for fish that hail from fast-flowing, riverine habitats such as certain tetras, cyprinids and many other species that prefer a robust current. It also circulates water extremely effectively within a planted tank ensuring that nutrients and other resources are well distributed and that there are no dead spots that breed algae and supress plant growth.


    These are ideal for tanks CO2 injection as they are extremely effective at circulating water around the aquarium without disturbing the surface - which keeps injected CO2 from being bubbled out. 


    The Mini Jet Outflow is designed with NANO tanks in mind as the output stem curves backward to reduce its footprint in the aquarium. They are absolutely beautiful and are perfect for planted tanks with fish that love a strong current.  


    The Mini Jet Outflow is only available in 13mm for 12/16 hoses. If you have 16/22 hoses with your aquarium canister filter, you can easily use these with a converter such as our stainless steel conversion joint or quick release converter.


    The Mini Jet Outflow, like all Lily Pipes for NANO tanks is designed to be mounted freely, without suction cups. If you so desire, you can still use dedicated mounting brackets or pipe clips with suctions cups.


    All Mini Outflows are designed for rimless tanks. If your tank has a black plastic rim, you can still mount them but will need to file off 15cm of the protruding lip.


    The total clearance over the rim is 12mm.



    Max Height: 15.5cm/6"

    Max Width: 5cm/2.25"

    Suitable for aquariums of any depth


    VIV Model: 100-07

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