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VIV Poppy (Bubble) Inflow (17mm and 13mm)
  • VIV Poppy (Bubble) Inflow (17mm and 13mm)

    Stunningly beautiful and handcrafted, these unique inflows are designed to work best with Poppy outflows to achieve an ideal circulation throughout your aquarium and surface aeration while retaining as much CO2 as possible and keeping the water current gentle enough for the most delicate fish and shrimp. 


    The round intake at the end is designed to gently pull stagnant water from the very bottom of the aquarium (where stagnant areas are most likely to form) through the filter and out the top for recirculation and aeration without disturbing the middle layers that often contain the most dissolved CO2.


    The large intake radius allows your filter to take in a large volume without creating a strong suction current that can disturb delicate fish and suck in small inhabitants like baby shrimp. It enhances the natural tendency of Poppy pipes to create a gentle convection-like flow of water through your aquarium.


    This inflow can also be used with other types of Lily pipe outflows for a moderating effect on water movement.


    These are designed for mounting with the included single suction cup, but can also be used with a dedicated mounting bracket for a more secure, permanent fit. 


    Available in:

    13mm for 12/16 canister hosing (VIV 200-11)

    17mm for 16/22 canister hosing (VIV 100-13)


    • VIV Glassware

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      All VIV glassware is made from thick, optical quality glass treated with proprietary methods and materials which makes them easy to clean and less likely to scratch or shatter.


      You will not be dissappointed!


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