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Planted Aquarium Articles

Comprehensive, expert-written articles and guides for all planted aquarium topics. Check back for regular updates!

A vibrant Celestial Pearl Danio showcasing its starry pattern in a lush planted aquarium, highlighting the natural beauty and dynamic behavior of small fish species like Emerald Dwarf Rasboras and Micro Rasboras in densely vegetated nano tanks.

The Celestial Pearl Danio and Micro Rasboras

Explore the fascinating world of Celestial Pearl Danios, Emerald Dwarf Rasboras and the Micro Rasboras! Tiny newcomers with a big impact on planted aquariums and nano aquascaping. Learn about their history, care, habitat, breeding, and value for aquascapers.

An intricately designed underwater garden showcasing a blend of art and ecology, with carefully arranged rocks, driftwood, and vibrant aquatic plants.

Aquascaping Techniques for Planted Tanks

Explore the art of aquascaping, where meticulous design meets ecological balance in creating stunning, sustainable underwater landscapes. Learn the principles that guide this rewarding blend of creativity and nature stewardship.

The Interdependence of CO2 and Light

Elevate your aquatic gardening with CO2 enrichment strategies that promote vigorous growth and vibrant colors. From carpet plants to low light species, learn how CO2 can enhance every aspect of your planted tank.

Planted Aquariums Basics from Philosophy to Practice

Explore the essentials of planted aquariums: Learn how to blend lighting, CO2, and care to create a vibrant underwater ecosystem that soothes the soul.

Substrate - The Roots of Success

A deep dive into substrate options for planted aquariums, how they affect aquatic plant growth, water chemistry, and maintaining a healthy aquarium ecosystem. Learn about Aqua soils, passive, and inert substrates and how to choose the right one for your planted tank. Perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Choosing a Tank for Your Planted Aquarium

Find your ideal planted aquarium with our comprehensive guide on choosing the right size, shape, and material. Learn about aquascaping, and the rise of small or nano tanks. See if a rimless or rimmed aquarium might be best for you. Everything you ever wanted to know about tanks for planted aquariums.

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