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Aquapro 6 in 1 Plant Tank Test Kit
  • Aquapro 6 in 1 Plant Tank Test Kit


    Fast, easy, and accurate, these multi-purpose test strips allow you can instantly measure and see the most critical parameters. These strips are the only ones designed explicitly for planted aquariums. Get readings for the most crucial parameters for the health of your plants as well as an early warning that the all-important nitrogen cycle may be disrupted in a tank.



    NO3                   (Nitrate)

    NO2                   (Nitrite)

    pH                       (How acidic or alkaline is your water)

    KH                       ("Carbonate hardness" or "Alkylinity")

    GH                       ("General hardness - Ca, Mg ion concentrations)

    CL2                      (Chlorine from the tap or left over from cleaning)


    All reagents and reactions that produce the easy-to-read indicator colors have been thoroughly vetted for accuracy and precision so you know you can rely on these readings. Save a ton of time performing complex and lengthy liquid tests when these strips are nearly as accurate.


    If something seems to be going wrong with your plants or livestock, these are the first parameters you will need to know whether asking the fish-keeping and aquascaping communities or searching for information in published literature. Diligent, regular testing will show potential problems before they turn into problems, giving you a chance to make changes in advance to avoid a potentially bigger issue. 


    There's no such thing as an Emergency Pet Store so when you really need to know one or more of those parameters, they may be unavailable or take too long to ship and you'll wish you had these. Our Aquapro 6-in-1 tests are as important for prevention and early detection as they are for solving problems so get them while you can. You might be very glad you have them one day!  


    Pair these up with a liquid test like our BIOZYME test kit for dead accurate confirmation or pair these awesome strips with an ammonia test kit so you know every parameter you need to about your water quality. 


    Each vial contains 50 strips. Remove strips for use quickly and keep unused strips dry to avoid expiration. Follow instructions on the box to use.

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