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BIOZYME 3 in 1 test kit
  • BIOZYME 3 in 1 test kit


    Precise, accurate, and easy to use - the BIOZYME 3 in 1 advanced test kit measures the three most important factors to determine if your aquarium has been fully cycled which is extremely important for the health of your fish, shrimp and invertebrates. These are research grade tests with laboratory grade reagents that provide definitive readings you can rely on.


    This test kit measures three key water parameters


    • PH
    • Ammonia/Ammonium (NH3/NH4+)
    • Nitrite (NO2-)


    We recommend that you test your water often - at least a couple times a week to make sure that your pH remains constant and your water is in good condition.


    High levels of Ammonia/Ammonium and Nitrite is extremely toxic to aquatic animals and indicates that your tank is either not cycled, there has a been a disruption to your biofilter or something (such as decaying organic matter) is causing a spike in nitrogenous waste that your biofilter is not able to handle. Any NH3/NH4+ or NO2- reading above zero is a huge red flag and requires an immediate water change to keep your inhabitants healthy. 


    Sometimes unexpected things happen in an aquarium and it is important to always the means to accurately and quickly test your water so that you can prevent disasters before they happen.


    This product should be used in conjunction with our 6 in 1 test strips to monitor all the important parameters that are vital to the health of your animals and plants quickly and easily. The combination makes for the most compact and simple to use master test kit on the market.


    Note: If you are injecting CO2, you should test your water at the same time of day each time your test as dissolved CO2 can temporarily lower your pH during the daytime when your system is running.



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