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NANO Air Diffuser (not for CO2)
  • NANO Air Diffuser (not for CO2)

    These new Air Diffusers from our partner Aquapro are a completely different way to use air than a traditional airstone and can be a valuable addition to low-tech planted tanks as well as keeping delicate livestock thriving. It produces bubbles nearly as small as the CO2 diffusers it resembles and thus enables a massive surface area to volume ratio for maximum gas exchange. It works with a normal air pump to produce extremely small, gentle bubbles that remove waste gases and replenish depleted ones. It's the aquarium equivalent of breathing and our Air Diffusers are far better at it than a traditional airstone. 


    Some bubbles actually get stuck to plant leaves where the atmospheric CO2 can helps them a lot. The small bubbles do not excessively disturb the surface of the water and spread out around the tank, many following the currents.


    An Air diffuser is extremely effective at exchanging gases so that your aquarium does not become "stale" or "stuffy". They quickly allow excess gases to leave while replenishing depleted ones so that your water is always at equilibrium with the atmosphere. This is the same function that our lungs serve and is vitally important to the well-being of livestock - especially delicate shrimp.


    Surprisingly (to some perhaps) an Air Diffuser can even help the growth of plants in a "low-tech" or non-CO2 injected aquarium.


    These, along with airstones and virtually anything powered by an air pump should not be used in a planted aquarium with a CO2 system. The extra CO2 provided by these systems promotes absolutely spectacular plant growth. They create CO2 concentrations more like many natural habitats rather than the atmosphere and the 20-30ppm of CO2 that we aim for should be encouraged to stay in the water as long as possible.


    Again, our fantastic Aquapro Air Diffusers are for use with air, not CO2CO2 systems (like our excellent CO2ONE) use either Bazooka, NANO, Twinstar, and High-Pressure Acrylic type Diffusers in the tank or incorporate an inline atomizer into an external filter return. They raise the CO2 concentration in your aquarium far higher than equilibrium with the atmosphere - resembling natural levels in many habitats. 


    If you are not injecting CO2 or running a "low-tech" tank, however, these may really help with plant growth, especially if you have a low bioload (like shrimp and other invertebrates) or are creating a plant-only tank.


    Though the proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere is minuscule (0.04%), it dissolves well in water, and keeping levels equilibrated with the atmosphere is far better than nothing at all. Just a few plants can use up virtually all the CO2 in an aquarium in mere minutes.


    CO2 exhaled by fish or shrimp is very rarely enough to maintain the CO2 levels that many plants need to thrive as CO2 is rapidly absorbed by live plants. A well planted aquarium uses far more CO2 and produces far more O2 than fauna is able to exhale and inhale respectively. 


    Constantly exchanging gases with the atmosphere will, in these cases, replenish available CO2 before it is depleted.


    These air diffusers are by no means a replacement for CO2 fertilization, but even the small CO2 concentration that can be obtained from the air is far better than nothing at all. Anecdotally, we've built tanks using a mixture of different plants that have thrived with just an air diffuser along with our proprietary, lab-formulated, and tested fertilizer (available soon). 


    These unique Air Diffusers can be used along with our tiny