tissue culture aquatic plants

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We grow and deliver all live aquarium plants in 4 to 5.5 oz plastic containers that are designed to facilitate easy planting and quick acclimation to your tank. Our products are snail, algae, bacteria, and pesticide free and can be added directly to your aquascape. For best results, you might want to consult our ‘planting guidelines’ below!


Planting Guidelines:


  1. Using your fingers, gently remove your plant from its container.

  2. Run the plant under room temperature tap water and massage the agar gel away from the base of the plant.

  3. Use an exacto knife or sharp scissors to divide your plant into several pieces, around 4 to 8 clumps, depending on the species and your aquascape design.

  4. As you go, make sure to keep the plants moist by spritzing them.

  5. Position your plants as desired throughout the tank and use tweezers or your fingers to fix them to the substrate, ensuring that the roots are deeply buried.




  • Keep in mind that if the portions of your plant are too large when positioning to the substrate, they may be more difficult to secure which may cause them to detach and float to the surface of the tank. To avoid this problem, you should ensure that roots are inserted well into the substrate. Lower leaves and stems can also be inserted into the substrate to help secure the plant.

  • You can also allow most species of plant to grow floating at the tank’s surface for a few days to develop more roots before planting, should you desire.

  • For some species, you can use fishing twine to attach plants to hard surfaces such as larger pieces of wood and rock until they become established enough to anchor themselves.