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Welcome to our full product catalog!

  • All our equipment and aquatic plants can be found here. Browse at your leisure. You never know what you might find that you hadn't thought of before.

  • All plants are tissue cultured and grown in Canada or the United States - ABC Plants is the only in-vitro aquarium plant supplier in North America that grows 100% of our plants on this continent (in either Montreal or Maine). As a result, they are fresher, arrive healthier and will grow a lot faster than plants imported from halfway around the world.

  • Hardware is produced all over the world. Many of our best-selling products such as our exclusive CO2ONE system, however, are designed and assembled by the talented folks themselves at ABC Plants Montreal. We also work closely with our overseas partners (such as Aquapro) to create amazing equipment that is delightfully innovative, high quality, and affordable. No name-brand markups - just really nice planted aquarium gear that's affordable and second to none! 

  • High-resolution product photos may make this page slower to load on an older or slower device - please let us know if you are experiencing any technical difficulties.

  • We're always working on new aquarium plants as well as terrarium plants and also looking for amazing equipment. Newly added products usually show up at the top. 

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