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Lily pipes are one of the most important aesthetic and functional upgrades for anyone running an aquarium using an external canister filter. These beautiful fixtures can replace a ton of ugly technology required to keep your aquarium healthy with virtually invisible glass or sleek stainless steel so you can enjoy your plants and fish without unsightly plastic equipment you want to hide with taller plants. 

Just as importantly, Lily pipes come in all shapes and sizes which allows you to tailor the flow of water in your aquarium to best suit your inhabitants - whether they prefer fast moving riverine currents or virtually still water, there's a Lily pipe design to suit your needs. The right kind of Lily pipe is also indispensable for getting rid of areas with stagnant water that breed algae while smothering plants and may be the single most effective way to deal with stubburn surface scum in a planted aquarium.

For those that have chosen to invest in CO2 injection, Lily pipes are fantastic ways to maximize your investment, evenly distributing your CO2 to every part of your aquarium. Unlike noisy bubblers, the right kind of Lily pipe will allow you to throughly oxygenate your aquarium water without sacrificing the concentration of dissolved CO2.

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