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Information and Care Guides for Aquarium Plants

Take a deep dive into the fascinating world of aquatic plants. Explore detailed profiles of specific species that cover everything from general botanical descriptions to specific care instructions in the aquarium. Discover the unique characteristics and care requirements of various aquatic species commonly used in planted tanks around the world.

This part of our campus is a historical legacy. It was once our live plant store (which has since been discontinued). We once produced these plants in tissue culture and our experience with their cultivation together with the original in-vitro photographs remain a unique trove of valuable research and insight. Recognizing the value of these ex-product pages, we have converted them into a free educational resource for the aquarium plant community. It offers a peek into our past and a record of cultivation. It remains a work in progress as we continue to convert the existing material while adding new species - all while keeping URLs and links unbroken. If you encounter any lingering store remnants, let us know. It helps to ensure that this serves a purely informative purpose that is engaging for enthusiasts and newcomers alike!


  • Use the "filter" tool to find plants that fit your specific needs from care requirements to aquascaping use.

  • Use the search function at the top of the page - it works really well

  • If the species you seek is unavailable, let us know!

  • The full list contains a lot of high-resolution photos and may be slower to load on older or slower devices so be patient and give it a second

  • This page is repurposed from our store so if you find legacy store elements we didn't remove, let us know.

  • We welcome contribution from readers so don't be shy to contact us if there is something you'd like to share!

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