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ABC Plants is the one and only supplier of tissue cultured (in-vitro) aquarium and terrarium plants in North America that produces 100% of our own products in our own lab right here in Canada and the United States. As a result, our plants show up fresher and healthier at your doorstep than any of the "big names" that rely on overseas manufacturing and sell plants that have already travelled across the world before even reaching the retailer. 


If a plant is in stock, that means it is physically present in our facilities and available for for you to purchase. Since we do not rely on fragile supply chains or other producers, every plant is already here and waiting for your aquarium, terrarium, vivarium, paludarium or even just a mason jar on your windowsill.

Our plant inventory changes as quickly as plants grow, sell and grow back so check often! We usually update the inventory for Tuesdays.


  • Use the "filter" tool to find plants that fit your specific needs from care requirements to aquascaping use.

  • If you are looking for a specific species that is currently unavailable, use the e-mail notification tool. Chances are, it will be back quickly and you'll know as soon as it is!