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They're here! 

Using the techniques we've developed for successfully (and rapidly) culturing a vast catalog of aquarium plants from nearly every part of the plant kingdom, we're now taking those same pioneering methods to the land in order to rapidly develop an equally impressive selection of terrestrial and terrarium plants. As our selection grows, we hope to bring you some of the most interesting species from around the globe that you may not have had access to before. We'll be adding the first plants that are ready for sale over the next few days with many more to come soon!

In keeping with our theme, we've started with plants that are ideal for terrariums, vivariums, and paludariums and our first "land plants" have been carefully selected to grow beautifully alongside our usual, expanding, selection of amphibious "aquarium plants" in a terrestrial or semi-terrestrial manner. The majority of these plants can be grown partially submerged or with their roots in the water and will hopefully provide new options and take your vision of the water's edge to the next level. They also happen to be amazing houseplants! 

Our In-Vitro (Tissue Culture) terrestrial and terrarium plants will carry the same benefits our aquarium plants have always had over conventional options. They'll be produced and packaged in sterile containers for pure, healthy plants lacking any diseases or pests. Most will come in hefty servings with dozens, sometimes even hundreds of individual, viable plantlets for whatever you want to use them for. They will adapt and grow faster and denser than cuttings or single potted plants once acclimated - but can wait in their In-Vitro forms to fit your schedule. on your terms. While snails and algae aren't an issue this time, you'll certainly appreciate not having to think about thrips or contagious fungal diseases...

Perhaps, most importantly, our In-Vitro, tissue-culture plants give you the opportunity to nurture and raise tiny adorable plantlets to adulthood- an experience that is as incredibly rewarding, as important as the plants themselves. 

Check back often to see our selection grow. The groundbreaking protocols we've developed over the last few years allows our lab to culture huge varieties of different plants faster and better than ever before allowing us to produce countless species from Aroids to Cacti. We'd love to hear your suggestions what you'd like to see in culture so don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions!


Up to 20% off our new rare and carnivorous ornamental land plants.

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