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Suction Cups with Zip Ties - 4 Pack
  • Suction Cups with Zip Ties - 4 Pack


    Attach anything and everything to your tank and keep everything in place with these wonderfully helpful suction cups with built-in zip ties!


    These are a godsend and a practical, easy-to-use, and secure solution for anyone who has ever tried to attach or organize awkward-sized or non-traditional shaped items in, on, and around your tank.


    These are particularly helpful with things like intakes and outflows of unusual sizes or shapes, airstones, air diffusers, and certain CO2 diffusers or bubble counters. They are heavy-duty enough to reinforce hardware, clamps, and back up other retaining equipment while being flexible enough to use on living plants - especially useful if you are trying to get a plant to grow in a certain way or in a certain direction.


    Anyone who wants a neat and easy way to set up and organize a planted aquarium will absolutely love these. We recommend getting a pack just in case, there's inevitably something that could use the reinforcement or the uniquely flexible zip-tie interface in any planted tank.


    These are great for keeping your air lines, CO2 equipment, filtration hardware, and even ornaments, decorations, and living plants exactly where you want them so everything is organized, easy to service, sharp, and clean.


    These are also fantastic for setting up and keeping a dedicated feeding area as well - to make sure that uneaten food does not foul the water when you have more delicate livestock like shrimp!


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