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Anubias nana 'Pinto'
  • Anubias nana 'Pinto'

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    Anubias nana 'Pinto' (Anubias barteri var. nana 'Pinto')


    A rare, highly prized variegated variety of the popular Anubias barteri var. nana, Anubias Pinto is a stunning plant that is well suited for beginners and coveted by seasoned aquascapers. While larger than our Anubias nana 'Bonsai', It is a small plant suitable for the foreground of even Nano aquariums and is most frequently grown as an epiphyte on driftwood or rocks.


    Its variegation becomes more intense as leaves grow and mature. It will certainly be much more intense after being taken out of Tissue Culture and planted. Even leaves that look unvariegated in tissue culture will become well variegated in your aquarium or terrarium. 


    Like all Anubias, Anubias 'Pinto' makes for a great plant for either your aquarium or terrarium and is ideal as a focal point. It's striking variegation defines each leaf and will make even the most uniform and boring aquascape (or terrarium display) instantly interesting.


    Each cup will include several plants with multitudes of well-developed leaves and roots - far more than a conventional "pot" and is guaranteed to be free of any algae, snails, other pests, or pesticides. Like all our plants, our Anubias 'Pinto' will never carry any diseases that can hurt your other plants, fish, or shrimp.


    All of our plants are cultured using our prized proprietary technologies which allow them to start growing instantly in either an aquarium or terrarium setting and reach their full adult sizes significantly faster than other TC products. There should not be any "melt" or "transition" between emersed and submerged forms.  


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