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Deluxe In-line CO2 atomizer/diffuser
  • Deluxe In-line CO2 atomizer/diffuser

    One of the best inline diffuser atomizers on the market, this atomizer is an incredible performer with some great features, build quality, materials, and support. It will definitely not disappoint, producing extremely fine bubbles for maximum CO2 distribution and absorption while needing virtually no cleaning or maintenance.


    Just in case you do need to clean or maintain it for whatever reason, it opens up easily without tools and you can get to virtually every inch of it including the advanced ceramic and polymer diffusion element which is replaceable if you accidentally drop it. Otherwise, you probably won't need to ever replace anything. Under normal operation circumstances, it should go years without needing to be tended to. 


    Unlike more compact units, this is designed to encourage some water and CO2 to mix before returning to your tank, reducing the "7Up effect" while raising levels of dissolved CO2. 


    These in-line atomizers are designed to provide a lifetime of service and will very likely be the last one you'll ever buy.


    Available for 12/16 and 16/22 size canister hosing.




    As of early 2022, these are now the stock atomizer for the CO2ONE in-line system because of their excellent performance, durability, and easy maintenance. Also, our ongoing tests have shown that they are more efficient than the original by a significant margin and are better able to withstand the intentional stress we subject our equipment to in order to ensure that our CO2 kits contain only the best quality parts on the market. 


    In the (extremely unlikely) event you need to replace the diffusion membrane, we can provide very inexpensive spares. 

      $34.95 Regular Price
      $29.95Sale Price

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