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CO2 injector for in-tank systems (Mini Powerhead)
  • CO2 injector for in-tank systems (Mini Powerhead)

    SKU: CO2PMP-P3L1R4

    This nifty little device, smaller than an old cell phone charger is the quickest, easiest, and most efficient way to make the most of your in-tank CO2 system. This tiny powerhead is designed to be mounted above your diffuser where it chops up CO2 bubbles and distributes them throughout your planted aquarium without disturbing the natural water current created by your filter outflow, Lily Pipes, or existing powerheads. The resulting stream of CO2 bubbles  land on the leaves of your plants and is more effective at promoting their growth  than a high dissolved CO2 concentration. 


    • Permanently submersible water proof design
    • Aids in-tank CO2 efficiency by dissolving, chopping up and scattering CO2 from your diffuser
    • Evenly distribute CO2 bubbles that  are more effective to promote plant growth than even dissolved CO2 from the largest reactors
    • Safe and easy 5V 0.4A (2W) USB power
    • Small enough to fit anywhere and is easy to hide (1.5" x 1.5" x 1")
    • Three suctions cups for mounting
    • Can circulate CO2 without distrupting currents
    • East to disassemble and clean impellor blades
    • Silent operation
    • Compatible with any in-tank CO2 setup including our CO2ONE system


    Takes the guesswork out of placing your in-tank diffuser and gives you the most efficient CO2 injection method for the best result while extending your CO2 supply! 


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