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Twinstar Nano CO2 Diffusers - new style
  • Twinstar Nano CO2 Diffusers - new style

    These NANO CO2 diffusers from Twinstar might be tiny and cute, but they pack a punch and are able to effectively serve much larger tanks than you might expect! Same great quality performance as our venerable Classic Aquapro NANO diffuser series in a squatter, wider form factor.


    • Works great with any regulator, including our CO2ONE stand-alone regulator.
    • Large diffusion membrane spreads CO2 microbubbles outward for better distribution
    • Protruding diffusion membrane is far less likely to clog and easier to clean than standard glass diffusers
    • Coated diffusion membrane inhibits algal growth and enhances diffusion efficiency
    • Produces tiny bubbles that are easily distributed by even a gentle current
    • Tiny footprint in your aquarium makes these ideal for smaller planted aquariums
    • Easy to hide
    • Sleek modern design
    • Proprietary suction cup mount keeps your diffuser exactly where you want it
    • Works great with Glass or Steel Lily Pipes
    • Ideal for shallower tanks


    Sizing guide:

    Small: up to 15 gallons

    Medium: up to 30 gallons

    Large: up to 55 gallons


      PriceFrom $17.95

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