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NANO difffuser 2 in 1
  • NANO difffuser 2 in 1

    Despite the NANO name, these tiny beautiful acrylic diffusers pack a punch and create some of the smallest bubbles from any in-tank diffuser. Despite their diminutive size and delicate appearance, they can be used with aquariums as large as 55 gallons. Small enough to be easily hidden, they look so nice that you might just want to show it off


    As a bonus, they are designed with built-in bubble counters so you can see the exact rate of CO2 injection just  by glancing at the diffuser.


    An advanced diffusion membrane naturally resists algal growth and will not clog for months to years of trouble free service without any maintanance while the acrylic body stays clean and grime free.


    The overhanging ceramic design does a fantastic job of naturally spreading CO2 micro bubbles throughout your tank in even the lightest current for extremely efficient diffusion and will not leak like so many glass diffusers. 


    If you are looking for an attractive and efficient diffuser that will not clog easily, check these guys out. You won't be disappointed.


    Check out the related Twinstar version with a wider diffusion membrane but no bubble counter. 

      PriceFrom $16.95

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