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CO2ONE Complete CO2 system (in-line)
  • CO2ONE Complete CO2 system (in-line)


    Our CO2 system is designed and assembled in Canada and the USA


    This product qualifies for FREE 1-3 day shipping in Canada and the United States to most locations.





    Our CO2ONE system is a fresh new approach to pressurized CO2. Designed for convenience and accessibility - it doesn’t require a specialized gas tank (though it’s compatible with all CO2 sources).

    You can just get a common SodaStream canister from the grocery store and you have a fully functional professional grade CO2 System with no compromises. Everything you need is in the box and in 30 minutes you’ll be running a high end pressurized CO2 system that is easier than putting in a new filter.


    If you’ve ever wanted the vibrant plant growth that only pressurized CO2 can unleash but thought it was just too complicated, expensive and impractical - think again. CO2ONE is so easy and affordable that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!



    This kit is for aquariums with external canister filters only. If you do not have an external canister filter, check out our in tank system instead. Both work great even in very large tanks.


    Complete kit includes:


    State-of-the-art regulator with adjustable pressure (0-70 psi) for any application.

    Balanced poppet and second state decompression design for consistent working pressure and no end of tank dumps.

    DC Solenoid for silent, cool operation (replaceable) and automatic timing with your lights

    Precision needle valve for easy control of flow rate

    Included bubble counter and check valve

    Interchangeable inlet mount allows you to use any CO2 source

    Compatible with all diffusers, atomizers and reactors

    Compatible with splitters and other third-party accessories


    3 meters of specialized CO2 proof high pressure tubing


    UP inline diffuser/atomizer for 12/16 and 16/22 hosing


    Handblown low-profile glass drop-checker to monitor your CO2 concentration


    Lab grade 4dKh indicator solution for reliable CO2 readings


    Stainless steel check valve designed for pressurized CO2


    Stainless steel multi-wrench for CO2 installation and maintenance (the only tool you'll ever need)


    Two year warranty for the regulator and a 60 day guarantee for all accessories


    Every unit includes professional lifetime service and support from ABC Plants


    Contact us if you need more information!

    • Information and Detailed Specifications


      • Working pressure adjustable between 0 and 70 psi
      • Metal unibody design for lifetime reliability
      • Balanced poppet spring design for minimal working pressure fluctuation as tank pressure changes - no EOTD
      • Precision needle valve with 720 degree throw for precision fine tuning of bubble rates
      • Internal PTFE and stainless steel seals
      • Elastomer gaskets eliminates gas leakage from the cylinder
      • 12V DC Solenoid
        • IP65 Water and dust resistance
        • Low temperature operation
        • Safer and more reliable than AC solenoids
        • 3W power consumption
        • Completely silent
        • Replaceable
      • Rotating gas outlet for mounting vertically or horizontally
      • Included bubble counter with check valve
      • Compatible with any diffuser, atomiser or reactor
      • Compatible with splitters and other third-party accessories
      • NSF and RoHS certification
      • 1 year warranty



      • 3 meters of high pressure CO2 tubing
        • Avaiable in clear and green
      • Stainless steel check valve
        • Guards against leaks and bubble counter evaporation
      • Inline atomizer/diffuser from UP
        • One of the most popular inline atomizers 
        • Lasts years without clogging
          • Disassembles for easy cleaning
        • Available in 12/16 and 16/22 sizes
      • Handblown low profile glass dropchecker
        • For monitoring CO2 levels at a glance
      • Research grade 4dKH indicator solution
      • Engraved stainless steel multiwrench for installation and maintenance