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Why choose our lab-grown tissue culture plants?

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Protect the health of your tank

Our tissue culture plants are free
of algae, snails, and other pests to keep your aquarium pristine. Never worry about introducing gross algae or a unending plague of snails. Unlike most imported plants, ABC Plants are 100% pesticide free and safe for shrimp. Don't take the chance and risk killing your livestock while polluting your tank with unwanted hitch-hikers in one fell swoop. It's not worth it.

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Make the sustainable choice

Most aquarium plants are grown a world away, sprayed with chemicals, and travel long distances - contributing to climate change. Plants harvested from the wild are often poached from fragile ecosystems - illegally. ABC plants are sustainably grown right here in Canada 365 days a year and show up fresh, travelling from our grow room to your home in as little as 24 hours.

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The freshest, fastest growing plants 

Our unique process produces plants that are robust and start growing instantly. Most aquarium plants are grown on land and need to adapt to being submerged. Our plants are already adapted and will start growing as soon as you plant them so you can spend more time enjoying your underwater creation rather than waiting ages for your plants to start growing.

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Free of algae, pests,

pesticides, and


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Grown, packaged,

& shipped fresh

within Canada

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Packaged in 100%
recyclable materials