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Unleash your Potential

Revolutionary, simple, all-in-one aquarium CO2 fertilization for everyone!

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What can CO2ONE do for your aquarium?

Grow faster aquarium plants

Grow plants faster: Turbocharge your plant growth and stop waiting around. Plants grow 5-10 times faster with CO2 so fill out your forest in no time.

Better aquarium plants for healthier fish and shrimp

Healthier Fish and Shrimp: Flourishing plants keep water clean. Abundant vegetation is the best natural habitat - the ultimate creature comfort!

Make your aquarium plants stronger

Stronger, Healthier Plants: CO2 is food that enables aquatic plants to become robust and resilient to stress. No more leaf loss or melting, just their best selves!

Reduce planted aquarium maintenance

Reduce maintenance: Healthy plants require less attention and fewer supplements. CO2 allows plants to outcompete algae, keeping your tank sparking without scrubbing.

Grow more colorful aquarium plants

More Beautiful: Healthy CO2 levels bring out the most vivid colors, lush foliage, and magnificently dense growth. Create breathtaking aquascapes worthy of magazine covers like an expert.

Grow more aquatic plant species

More Choices of Plants: Only a few kinds of plants thrive without CO2 fertilization and they can get bland. Keep your aquascape dynamic and interesting and with a kaleidoscope of diverse species. 

From our encyclopedia of aquarium plant species to comprehensive articles about planted aquarium topics, get the information you need to create beautiful aquascapes and take care of your plants and animals 
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