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Glass spiral bubble counter

Glass spiral bubble counter


Visualize your CO2 injection rate in style with this beautiful glass spiral bubble counter from Aquapro that turns a important and functional component of your CO2 system into a work of art and a whole lot of fun. More importantly, it provides instant, visual feedback that shows how any adjustments are affecting your CO2 flow rate.


  • Durable, crystal clear glass
  • Easily see your CO2 injection rate at a glance
  • Far more precise than a normal bubble counter
  • Don't have to time or count bubbles - just see how far apart they are
  • Makes any changes in CO2 injection rate obvious before it can hurt your animals or plants
  • Does not require frequent refills - rarely dries up
  • Mount on glass with included suction cups
  • Super easy to install
  • Mesmerizing to look at