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Premium glass bubble counter

Premium glass bubble counter


Glass inline bubble counter for CO2.  Looks super cool and works very well.


Absolutely beautiful workmanship and works flawlessly!


By far the most stylish way to keep an eye on the CO2 bubble rate flowing into your aquarium.



  • Installation instructions



    1. Mount the glass bubble counter vertically on the wall of your aquarium using the included suctions cups. Place it where you can easily see it.  

    2. Connect your check valve directly below the bubble  counter with 2cm or 1" of CO2 tubing to keep water in the bubble counter. 

    3. Fill the bubble counter 3/4 with water (from the top).

    4. Connect tubing to from the regulator to the check valve below and connect tubing to the diffuser at the top.

    5. Turn on CO2 from the regulator and you are all set!

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$7.48Sale Price