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Glass U-Bends(2 sizes)
  • Glass U-Bends(2 sizes)


    Prevent your airline or CO2 tubing from kinking so that air and CO2 can flow into your aquarium uninterrupted. Organize your tubes to keep your aquarium looking neat and tidy. These glass U-bends are nearly invisible so you and your viewers can focus on your beautiful aquascape rather than staring at equipment.   


    Our glass U-Bends are available for tanks with traditional black rims (20mm) as well as rimless glass and acrylic aquariums (15mm).  


    If you think a glass U-Bend could be too delicate for your set-up or prefer something slightly different, check out our handsome new, virtually indistructable stainless steel U-Bends!

      $9.95 Regular Price
      $7.95Sale Price

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