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Inline solenoid for CO2 (12V DC)
  • Inline solenoid for CO2 (12V DC)


    Premium 12V DC inline solenoid for CO2 systems!


    Note - not required for the CO2ONE system which has a built in solenoid included.


    An absolutely indispensable part of an aquarium CO2 system, solenoids are not included in many popular disposable cartridge systems from Tropica, Fluval or ISTA. They can also be missing from some standalone regulators. 


    A solenoid automatically turns the flow of CO2 on and off. This allows you to sync CO2 with lighting without manually turning it on and off every day. This can save a lot of CO2 and make your aquarium safer for its inhabitants.


    Plants (and animals) consume oxygen at night and release CO2. This can cause a massibe pH drop that can hurt your fish and shrimp - especially if your water is soft (low alkalinity).


    If you are running a 24 hour CO2 system and see your fish gasping at the surface before the lights come on in the morning - you need to shut your CO2 off during the dark period.


    As a bonus, you'll use MUCH less CO2 so tanks last longer between refills.


    These are also compatible with pH controllers for automatic CO2 systems control systems which can be lifesaving for your fish and invertebrates if you experience an CO2 dump for whatever reason.


    12V DC solenoids are safer, more compact and more efficient than many traditional AC solenoids which may also make a 'buzzing' sound known as "coil whine" and may run very hot. If you have an inline AC solenoid with these problem - you should consider switching to DC.

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