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Stainless Steel U-Bends (15mm)

Stainless Steel U-Bends (15mm)


U-Bends are fantastic for keeping your CO2 or air tubing from kinking or twisting, preventing resticted flow and ensuring that air and CO2 flows freely into your aquarium. They also look great and help keep your tubing neat, organized and as unintrusive as possible so you and your viewers can focus on your beautiful aquascapes rather than a tangled mess of plastic. It's a tiny thing that makes a huge difference to the aesthetics and functionality of your planted aquarium.


Essentially industructible, these U-Bends are made of high quality stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime. The barbed connectors make it easy to install your tubing but virtually impossible for it to come loose or pop off - making it a great little upgrade to your CO2 system


With 15mm of clearance between the two arms, this fixture is primarily designed for rimless aquariums though it will fit smaller 5 and 10 gallon rimmed tanks. You can also use these for larger rimmed tanks simply by notcing a bit of the overhanging plastic flange with a small file. 


Compuared to glass U-Bends, these are stronger and may be easier to install and require less maintenance. Nonetheless, for those of you that want your tubing to disappear almost completely from sight, check out our classic glass U-Bends - they also come in larger sizes for rimmed tanks. 

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