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Acrylic Tool Holder (by Aquapro)
  • Acrylic Tool Holder (by Aquapro)


    Made from beautiful heavy duty acrylic, this tool holder  by Aquapro is sturdy, handsome and nearly invisible. Install it to the rim of your aquarium (or somewhere else) for instant access to your aquascaping tools. An absolute delight and super convenient for the planted tank enthusiast.


    Designed with the discerning aquarist in mind, this beautifully crafted, premium quality tool holder is designed to hold 3 pairs of scissors, 4 tweezers and even has a notched slot for 2 substrate shoves (sand scrapers) for quick and easy access anytime you want to prune, move a plant or add new ones.


    This study and handsome accessory is designed for rimless or classic rimmed tanks so long as the rim is no wider than  18mm.


    For larger tanks with thick rims, you may need to remove a part of the lip which is pretty easy and worth it for many reasons...



    13 cm or 5 1/8" long

    5 cm or 2..5" at it's widest

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