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Moss UFO (hovering planting scaffold)
  • Moss UFO (hovering planting scaffold)

    Create your own levitating, floating or stationary fantastical aquatic creations with this incredibly innovative and unique product that lets you create an unlimited number of stunning aquatic creations using an absolutely huge variety of plants - each with their own characteristic appearance and behavior. Aside from the classic mosses, you can use virtually any small or carpeting plant to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that's sure to transform your aquarium into something absolutely extraordinary.


    Each kit allows comes with everything you need to grow a bizzarrely beautiful hovering ball of plants and the modular design allows to combine scaffolding from multiple units to create an endless variety of shapes, forms and sizes limited only by your imagination. If you are looking to add something extraordinary to your aquascape, this modular plant scaffolding might be exactly what you are looking for.  


    Each individual unit comes with a plastic mesh grille and a backing. You stuff some small plants between the grille and backing and watch as they grow out of the grill holes, eventually covering the entire surface of the dome in their own unique way. Each kit also comes with two metal, aquarium-safe weights to keep your creation suspended in the water while preventing it from being tossed around the current. These weights can be held in place by retaining, twist-on bottom plate as well as the included, virtually invisible fishing twine that can be used to adjust the exact height and location of your plant UFO. 


    The parts of each "Moss UFO" are held together using a system of pins and sockets that are infinitely interchangeable and modular allowing you to put together your creation however you like. It's basically like LEGO blocks and you can use them to make any creation in any shape and any size that you'd like. It really is an incredibly costomizable system that lets your imagination run wild, allowing you to create something truly out-of-this-world.


    We encourage you to try as many plants as you want with this scaffold but some plants that work particularly well are the mosses such as Java Moss along with:


    Eleocharis 'Mini'

    Glossostigma elatinoides

    HC Cuba

    Hemianthus micranthemoides

    Ludwigia arcuata

    Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo'

    Myriophyllum 'Guyana'

    Myriophyllum 'Mattogrossense'

    Myriophyllum propinquum

    Riccia fluitans

    Rotala 'Najenshan'

    Rotala 'Orange Juice'

    Rotala rotundifolia

    Rotala 'H'ra'

    Utricularia graminifolia (UG)

    Java Moss


    Each of these plants makes for an extraordinarily unique and beautiful creation and we highly recommend that you try as many as you can. Don't be afraid of mixing and matching either. You might be surprised which ones end up being your favorites!


    Our Moss UFOs are available as a single unit or a set of 2. 



      PriceFrom $7.95