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Skimmer Intake Converter with Shrimp Safe Design
  • Skimmer Intake Converter with Shrimp Safe Design

    SKU: OAIS1216-R2


    This clear acrylic intake converter is perfect for shrimp tanks and fish breeders. It is also a fanastic way to turn your normal canister intake into a skimmer in less than 5 minutes.


    The skimmer action will help get rid of unsightly surface film while cutting down the amount of distracting hardware in your planted aquarium.


    The unique overhanging design of the skimmer bob along with the intake placement and fitted sponge insert dramatically reduce the chances of small critters from being sucked into your filter.


    • Easy to install and visually unobtrusive. Get set up and running in minutes
    • Highly effective for reducing or eliminating scum for the surface of your aquarium
    • Unique, overhanging, "skimmer bob" design shelters the entrance of the skimmer from small fry or shrimp
    • Designed to avoid disturbing the lower parts of your aquarium where shrimp tend to gather
    • No bottom intake holes
    • Adjustable flow rate
    • Internal sponge is surprisingly resistant against clogging and easily cleaned for reuse
    • Internal sponge excludes larger things (like shrimp or fry) while acting as a prefilter to keep larger peices of detritus from damaging your canister filter
    • Attaches firmly to the side of your aquarium glass with two included suction cups (optional)
    • Looks neat and clean and does not impede flow compared to wrapping your intake with an external sponge
    • Universally compatible with both 12/16 and 16/22 size intakes


    This product is designed as a replacement for your stock canister intake hardware. If you are looking to improve your canister outflow, check out our Lily Pipe converter!

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