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Ergonomic Aquascaping Scissors
  • Ergonomic Aquascaping Scissors

    These are some of the best aquascaping scissors that we've come across and we've used a lot of them. 


    Completely redesigned to improve the classic aquascaping scissor, these one-of-a-kind instruments are not only stylish, ergonomic and extremly comfortable to use for long trimming sessions, they are also extremely durable, corrosion resistant and very sharp.


    Standard aquascaping scissors can be inconsistent in quality with blades that are too tight or loose, handles that cut into your skin and a shaft to blade ratio that makes them difficult and frustrating to control, these professional grade implements are designed from the ground up to be comfortable, smooth and easily manueverable. Manufactured to much tighter tolerances, these have the perfect blade action for an extremely comfortable level of resistance that is almost shockingly smooth with no skips, tight spots or burrs.


    Aquapro's unique design makes these a cut above the alternatives with unique features, mechanical innovations, and ergonomics you'll instantly feel. Rounded handles and the redesigned shape make these a pleasure to use. Compared to the classic type, these are designed and built to a higher standard - reimagining the premium aquascaping experience from scratch - without the baggage and persistent engineering problems with earlier, widely copied, designs. 


    These precision instruments are made of 100% high grade stainless steel and feature a timeless satin brushed finish. Compared to the norm, they are just a tad bit shorter with a much improved blade shape and cutting mechanism for more enjoyable and accurate aquascaping. The superior lever and blade ratios are so pleasant, you'll have to feel them to believe and appreciate it. Their unprecedented precision is absolutely vital when you want to target a particular area or part of a specific plant without damaging others in close proximity.


    Give these fantastic scissors a try - they might just change the way you feel about routine trimming or purposeful pruning of plants to get that perfect shape and bushiness. Don't ever fumble with awkward, painful scissors again. You might never go back which is good since these are designed to last a lifetime!


    Available in Straight, Curved and S-Shaped (Wave) models. 







      PriceFrom $17.96