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Premium Algae Scraper
  • Premium Algae Scraper

    SKU: QVX1-P3L1R2

    Handle up to 23" or 52cm long!


    Clean the algae off your tank glass quickly and completely with this super satisfying algae scraper. With an adjustable head that goes in every direction and a handle that can extend to half a meter, you  can get stubborn algae off any spot in large or small tanks. It's super satisfying watching a layer of algae come off the glass in a sheet, leaving your aquarium spotless.


    Each unit comes with 10 blades - each blade will last for multiple uses and can be store on the scraper with it's safetly cap.


    Designed for glass aquariums only. Do not use on an acrylic (or any other plastic) tank as the blade can scratch plastic. Works great with low-iron ("Starfire") glass.


    Qanvee Model X1

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