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Aquascaping Tools (Classic)
  • Aquascaping Tools (Classic)

    Everything you need to start a beautiful planted aquarium and keep it perfectly trimmed without getting your hands wet! These tools are made of sturdy stainless steel (rather than aluminum) and designed to last a lifetime. Buy them separately or get them all as a set!


    Use the Substrate Shovel (Sandscraper) to lay out, shape and flatten your substrate.


    The straight tweezers are great for planting single plants deep into the substrate while the curved tweezers are idea for planting clumps of smaller plants such as carpets or lawns.


    Use the straight scissors to trim the bottom portions or plants or plants that are short while the curved scissors are great for trimming upper portions or plants that are taller. 


    These tools are a standard brushed steel finish that looks great with anything.


    These tools are also available in a Matte Black and Chrome finish - if a specific tool is out of stock, it may be available in a different finish style.



    Tweezers: 27cm/11"

    Scissors: 25cm/10"

    Sandscraper: 30cm/12.5"



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