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Biochemical Sponge Filter with Dual Media Chamber
  • Biochemical Sponge Filter with Dual Media Chamber

    Often considered to the be world's best sponge filter, this dual sided sponge filter from Qanvee is has quite the cult following especially among breeders.


    Featuring large dual chambers for biological or chemical media (or both), it is able to handle far more than a sponge filter in terms of nitrification capacity while remaining safe for small fry and shrimplets. It is fantastic upgrade for tanks with small fry or shrimp breeding colonies as these tanks often experience ammonia spikes due to the unpredictable nature of the growing animals as well as the inherent limitations of traditional sponge filters in terms of biological filtration (nitrification).


    Please note that like virtually all sponge filters, these use an air-pump to pull water through. If you do not want to run an air pump either because of the noise or if you are injecting CO2, check out the completely standalone, powered versions of these that are completely silent and compatible with CO2 Injection


    • Dual media chambers allow you to use biological media, chemical media or both - one in each chamber to increase the nitrifying capacity far beyond that of a normal sponge filter or for other effects such as removing certain waste products, impurities, odors or unwanted colors from the water
    • The build quality far exceeding virtually any sponge filter on the market
    • the dual sponges are easy to clean and change
    • Multiple high quality suction cups attach it firmly without worrying that it will float away
    • Extendable and rotating outflow head lets you customize the effect  
    • Ribbed sponges increase their surface area for even more nitrification capacity




    Small (QS-100A): 

    • Width: 14.8cm/5.8"
    • Sponge height: 15.7cm/6.1"
    • Outflow height: 20.5-28.2cm/8" to 28.2/11.1"
    • Recommended for tanks up to 30 gallons


    Large (QS-200A)

    • Width: 16cm/
    • Sponge height: 19.3cm/
    • Outflow height: 20.5-28.2cm/8" to 28.2/11.1"
    • Recommended for tanks larger than 25 gallons
      PriceFrom $19.95

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