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Chrome Plated Steel Pipe Set  with Skimmer Intake
  • Chrome Plated Steel Pipe Set with Skimmer Intake

    SKU: APSP17-R2

    This set features the highest quality steel pipes with a beautiful and protective chrome plated finish. They look totally badass!


    Steel “Lily” Pipes are an excellent replacement for your stock, plastic, canister intake and outflows. They are sleek, extremely effective and circulating water and easy to install for a dramatic upgrade to the appearance and functionality of your setup.


    The intake includes a skimmer for dealing with surface scum as well as a flow rate adjustable intake.


    While glass lily pipes are fantastic and beloved by many, steel pipes have a strikingly sleek and high-tech appearance. They are also virtually impossible to break and a godsend if you’re clumsy. They are virtually maintenance free since algae and grime buildup inside is invisible.


    All steel pipes have a “jet” style outflow that is extremely effective at circulating water and eliminating stagnant spots in your tank - two considerations that are extremely important for a successful planted aquarium. They are also fantastic for distributing CO2 and will create a slight whirlpool which sucks in and dissolves surface scum in addition to the skimmer intake. 


    If you have fish or shrimp that prefer a more subdued current, check out our glass Poppy and Spin outflows. You can easily adjust the flow rate directly on the intake to your liking and can also use the valve on your quick release fitting. Acrylic lily shaped adapters are available to create a more diffuse current.


    Each set pairs an intake and outflow. A pair of acrylic brackets are included for mounting your pipes. The mounting brackets are designed for rimless aquariums but can be used on tanks with rims less than 15mm wide. For larger rimmed tanks, use our suction cup pipe clamps to hold them in place. 

    While they can be used with any canister hosing, our exclusive "smokey gray translucent" hoses look fantastic when paired with stainless steel.


    Steel pipes should only be used in freshwater environments. Salt-water corrodes metal so only glass pipes should be used in marine setups.


    Available in 17mm for 16/22 canister hoses only. Use a hose converter or quick release converter if you have 12/16 hoses. 


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