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Classic Lily outflow
  • Classic Lily outflow

    The classic Lily outflow, with it's large opening and very slight downward angle creates a moderate, gentle current that is suitable for the vast majority of fish and plants. It's a great choice for virtually any aquarium and a great place  to start. There's a good reason why this classic Lily pipe shape is  still the most popular.


    Designed to replace unsightly and frequently ineffective canister outputs, glass Lily pipes are one of the most substantial innovations for planted aquariums in a long time. Along with with a matching glass intake, It replaces ugly plastic equipment with something that looks like a work of art and will instantly give your aquarium an dramatic facelift that is hard to imagine until you see it. 


    Aesthetics aside, a Lily pipe setup is one of the most effective ways to improve the environment of your planted aquarium. By chanelling water horizontally in a slight downward direction that creates a natural and consistent current in the aquarium, eliminating the "dead spots" that spawn algal outbreaks and hold back plant growth. Lily pipes also helps to distribute CO2 evenly throughout the entire aquarium.


    For the many aquarists dealing with unsightly (but harmless) surface  biolfilm, using a classic Lily pipe is  a great way to clear the scum as they create a very gentle vortex at the surface of the water dissolving the surface film in the water colum. This can be more effective than a surface skimmer. In the process, atmospheric oxygen is pulled into the water while CO2 remains undisturbed, thus making your aquarium healthier for animals without hurting your plants. 


    You can adjust the effect on your aquarium by changing out the mounting height. Mounting the outflow deeper results in better coverage in deeper aquariums or tanks with more stubburn dead spots. Higher mounting creates more suction at the surface and is better for shallower tanks or tanks with very stubborn biofilms.


    These classic Lily outflows are beautifully made from thick, high quality glass that is easy to clean and hard to break.


    For those running CO2 systems,  replacing your existing canister outflow with a Lily pipe system is the best way to get the most out of your investment and will ensure that CO2 is being distributed evenly throughout the aquarium whether you are using an in-tank or in-line CO2 delivery system.


    If you have specific requirements such as a deep aquarium or want a very fast or slow flowing water current, check out our other types of Lily pipes to find one that is just right for you! 


    These glass  outflows are designed to be mounted with the 2  included  suctions cups but are also compatible with dedicated mounting brackets. They are suitable for both rimmed and rimless  tanks and come in two sizes to fit your canister hosing.



    17mm (for 16/22 hosing)

    Height: 17.5cm or 7"

    Width: 17.5cm or 7"

    For aquariums  at least 14cm or 5.5" deep


    13mm (for 12/16) hosing)

    Height: 17.5cm or 7"

    Width: 14cm or 5.5"

    For aquariums  at least 14cm or 5.5" deep


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