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Deluxe cleaning brush

Deluxe cleaning brush


Clean your filters, hoses andLily pipes with ease using our high-quality spring loaded cleaning brush with dual heads. Totalling 1.5 meters in length, this deluxe brush can gets as far up your hoses, filters and pipes as you might ever need.


The ingenous and well executed spring-loaded design is flexible and rigid at the same time and the brush heads are surprisingly limber so you can get around even the smallest, tighest bends without breaking a sweat. 


The dual cleaning heads are different sizes so you can conveniently clean sludge, algae and grime from the inside of anything. Keep your glass lily pipes sparkling, your canister hoses free flowing and filter tubes completely unclogged without the frustration of pipe cleaners that won't bend enough or bends too much.


When you're done, just roll it back up into it's orignal case for easy storage. An important tool for virtually anyone with an aquarium.