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Eriocaulon Ratnigiricum

Eriocaulon Ratnigiricum

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Eriocaulon ratnigiricum



Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Rosette
Size: 6 x 6cm typically; may grow up to 10 x 10cm
Native Range: Asia
Position and Usage: Foreground to midground
Growth Rate: Moderate
Lighting: 4/5 – 5/5
Water conditions: Prefers softer water and temperatures of 20 - 28°C
CO2: Recommended
Propagation: Vegetative
Special requirements: Magnesium enrichment, CO2 injection, root tabs

Terrarium use and emersed growth: This might be a challenging plant in an aquarium but it is quite easy in a terrarium or paludarium. Eriocaulon ratnigiricum (like all Eriocaulons) Appreciates a humid environment and tends to stay smaller than the similar Eriocaulon 'Hainan Island'.


Appearance is similar in aquariums and terrariums with beautiful elongated leaves arranged in a rosette that almost resembles a miniature aloe plant.


Eriocaulon ratnigiricum is an amazing and rare plant to add to any terrarium and its unique appearance will instantly make a huge impact.


Eriocaulons in general prefer substrates that are slightly acidic and water on the soft side but they are much more adaptable than in a planted aquarium so almost any terrarium will do.


All Eriocaulons are amazing terrarium plants and Eriocaulon ratnigiricum is certainly no exception and looks even absolutely stunning when planted near some Eriocaulon King Crimson.

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