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Extra Long Substrate Spatula (Sandscraper)
  • Extra Long Substrate Spatula (Sandscraper)


    What a difference a few inches can make... For anyone that's ever wished their substrate spatula/sandscraper was just a bit longer - consider our exclusive, extra long sandscraper to make laying out and maintaining your substrate just that much easier - especially if you have a larger, deeper tank. Give it a try and you'll probably never go back!


    Another fine product from our friends at Aquapro.


    • Ergonomic length allows for far less bending forward and is easier on your back
    • Works better with longer, deeper and taller tanks
    • Unique slotted design keeps excess substrate from accumulating toward the front
    • Sculpt your substrate into hills and valleys with ease
    • Chrome finish looks great and protects your tool
    • Made from premium quality stainless steel
    • Fits perfectly in a standard tool holder
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