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Lab grade 4dKH CO2 Indicator (50mL)
  • Lab grade 4dKH CO2 Indicator (50mL)

    SKU: ABCIN02-F3

    Pre calibrated, laboratory calibrated 4dKh CO2 indicator solution for use aquarium drop checkers. 


    We make all our CO2 indicator solutions in our lab from research grade ingredients that are non-toxic and extremely stable.


    Reverse osmosis and deionized water with 0 ppm of total dissolved solids is calibrated to exactly 4dKh with mineral additions. The calibrated solution is combined with reagent-grade indicator dye in the perfect amount for beautiful vibrant colors that are extremely easy to read.


    Because the solution is purpose-made from the start and the chemical reagents are extremely pure, our drop checker indicator solution does not change pH over time and therefore will continue to provide accurate, reliable, readings indefinitely and does not need to be replaced except when you want to.


    Since we know all of the ingredients in the drop-checker solution, we can be sure that they are pure and non-toxic so you don't have to panic in the unfortunate event of an accidental spill because it won't hurt your aquarium inhabitants.


    Most aquarium "CO2 indicator drops" on the market (unless specifically specified as pre-calibrated) need to be mixed with water of the approriate pH and hardness for the readings to be correct. Tap water or tank water will not suffice as these are more often than not, the wrong pH and hardness, resulting in inaccurate readings that can be very misleading. Worse yet, some of these indicator drops are quite impure and become more acidic over time, causing a shift in the readings.


    Our CO2 indicator solution is the gold standard for reliable, accurate and consistent CO2 readings for your aquarium and will not let you down. It's important to know EXACTLY how much CO2 you are feeding into your aquarium for the health of your plants and livestock.


    Blue: No additional CO2

    Green: Perfect amount of CO2

    Yellow: Too much CO2


    Each bottle contains 50mL of pre-calibrated long life CO2 indicator solution.

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