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Lobelia cardinalis 'ABC'
  • Lobelia cardinalis 'ABC'

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    Lobelia cardinalis 'ABC'


    An aquarium classic - hardy, beautiful and undemanding. Lobelia cardinalis is a wonderful plant for any set-up and complements many other common aquarium plants. Our variety tends to grow shorter and bushier and can be used to great effect in a variety of aquarium sizes with or without CO2



    Difficulty: Easy

    Type: Stem, Branching

    Size: 10 – 30cm in height; 7 – 15cm in width

    Position and Usage: Foreground to background. Very flexible and can even be trimmed into neat rows.

    Growth rate: Moderate

    Lighting: 2/5 – 5/5 Higher light intensities result in reddish growth of emersed leaves or underside of submerged ones

    Water Conditions: 15 – 26°C (extremely adaptable)

    CO2: Not required. Can be used to speed up growth and produce a considerably lusher and denser plant

    Propagation: Replant healthy cuttings

    Emersed Growth: Grows emersed wonderfully in a paludariums or Wabi Kusa. Emersed Lobelia tends to be shorter and grows in a creeping fashion, spreading horizontally with a sprawling root system. Older, upper leaves turn reddish. L. cadinalis produces stunning cardinal red flowers in either a terrarium or aerial portions from an aquarium.

    • Description

      Known as the ‘Cardinal Flower’, Lobelia cardinalis is an unusally shaped stem plant native to North America. It is a moderately easy plant which is difficult to kill but it will grow much faster in high light with CO2 addition . One of the most widely used aquarium plants. it is very popular in Dutch-style aquascaping. This adaptable plant is easily grouped and pruned into neat rows of variable height and can be easily worked into any aesthetic. In an open aquarium, it can extend beyond the water’s surface attractively: submersed leaves will be medium-green in colour whereas emersed leaves will take on darker hues, and true to its name, emersed plants may bear a beautiful spike of scarlet flowers. Submersed leaves may also sport cardinal-coloured undersides given enough light.

      Lobelia is a good beginner aquarium plant and may be easily grown in low-tech tanks. Although it will tolerate low light, high-intensity lighting will promote lush, sprawling, compact growth. Likewise, although CO2 supplementation and water column fertilization are not required, they will encourage vigorous growth rates and pearling. Higher nitrate (10-20ppm), phosphate (1-2ppm), and micronutrient dosing yield the best results. Healthy plants will likely produce numerous side shoots as well as nodal roots, which can be carefully pruned away. Plant tops may be clipped and re-planted to propagate.

      Lobelia can be very flexible and used in the the aquarium anywhere from the foreground to background. Regular pruning under any lighting situation will encourage a shorter, denser growth pattern while it can get quite tall when left alone.

      Because of it's some of it's unique characteristics, it is also an ideal and beautiful addition to any paludarium, Wabi Kusa or emersed set up. 

      L. cardinalis is one of our most recommended species for beginners or those who may not know exactly what plants they want. It's simple, beautiful and will not disappoint. It is also beloved by many expert aquascapers as well.

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