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Luxury Aquascaping Tools with German Steel
  • Luxury Aquascaping Tools with German Steel

    The nicest aquascaping tools on the market - bar none!


    These instruments are absolutely remarkable. Beautifully crafted from the highest quality imported German steel, they are designed for precision, performance, durability and comfort without any compromises. 


    You can instantly feel the the perfect spring action of the tweezers and the flawless hinge and incredibly smooth action of the scissors.


    The impeccable Matte Black finish is beautiful and designed to protect these tools from water damage after years of use.


    If there is a particular tool that you find yourself using again and again, why not treat yourself and get the nicest version possible? While these are hardly a necessity as our quality tools (available in Classic, Chrome and Matte Black) are more than enough to tackle any of your aquascaping needs, these precision instruments just make doing the job that much more enjoyable. They are certainly the "Cadillac" of aquascaping tools.


    Each tool is individually packaged. The tweezers and substrate spatula are in blister packs while the scissors are snugly boxed in soft, molded foam.


    If you've been diligently keeping your planted aquarium looking great, treat yourself!



    Straight Tweezers 27cm

    Curved Tweezers 27cm

    Straight Scissors 23cm

    Curved Scissors 23cm

    S-Shape "Wave" Scissors 23cm

    Substrate Spatulata (Sandscraper) 31cm


      PriceFrom $16.95

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