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Premium Telescoping Shrimp Net

Premium Telescoping Shrimp Net


Many shrimp keepers know a traditional fish net can be a dangerous way to catch shrimp but there's not really an easier alternative.


This net is specifically designed for shrimp and is constructed to never injure even the most delicate shrimp. The net itself is made out of a thick mesh beautifully stitched together so that it maintains a three-dimensional shape in use with no crevices or corners that can trap, crush or injure your beloved ornamental shrimp. It's almost like origami!


Also features an telescoping handle and comfortable grip. 


  • Designed specifically for ornamental shrimp no crevices or corners to trap injure your beloved creatures!
  • Thick mesh material holds it shape and will not collapse when wet while passing through easily though the water
  • Extremely neat, invisible stitching prevets delicate shrimp from getting tangled
  • Net is 2 inch (5.5cm) diameter and easy to use in a heavily planted aquarium
  • Telescoping handle has a huge range and extends from 14cm to 50cm (5.5" to just under 20") for any size aquariums (total length including net 19.5cm/7.75" to 55.5cm/22").
  • Rubberized aquamarine grip provides a comfortable, secure grip for your fingers
  • Hanging loop for easy storage
  • Lightweight


Another innovative, premium quality product from our friends at Aquapro!

    $14.95 Regular Price
    $9.95Sale Price

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