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Rotala rotundifolia
  • Rotala rotundifolia

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    Rotala rotundifolia, 'Dwarf Indian Toothcup'


    This beautiful plant is known for forming dense, lush clusters in the midground or background and and will turn a bright red in aquariums with high lighting. Can be grown with or without CO2.


    Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
    Type: Stem plant with pink and green leaves
    Size: Can reach up to 50cm, generally around 20 - 30cm
    Position and Usage: Mid-background plant
    Growth Rate: Moderate
    Lighting: 3/5 - 5/5. Higher light will result in an even more vibrant pink leaf colour 
    Water Conditions: 20 - 28°C. Lower temperatures are tolerated but slow growth. Softer water and low to neutral pH preferred. 
    CO2: Recommended for optimal growth, health, and vibrant colouration, but not required
    Propagation: Make stem cuttings of 10cm and replant. Frequent trimming will promote denser, bushier growth.

    Special requirements: Appreciates good lighting and iron supplementation.

    Emersed Growth: Can be grown emersed. Emsersed plants are short and dense, rarely exceeding 10cm.

    • Description

      Rotala rotundifolia is an extremely popular, versatile and variable species. In a high-tech setup with plenty of light and C02, the upper half of this plant turns a beautiful pink hue. Without CO2 and/or with less light, it will remain green but still grow well to fill out the back of your tank. Rotala grows quickly and lushly: a single cup will quickly establish a colony, making an ideal shelter for shy or skittish fish. Rotala grows very densely and should be regularly pruned; left unchecked, it may become spindly and thin. A nutrient-rich substrate will encourage the development of horizontal, crawling stems, higher density and more branching.

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