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Tube Shelters
  • Tube Shelters


    Give your pregnant shrimp, shrimplets or fry a place to hide from all the scary stuff in your aquarium!


    These handmade terra-cotta tube shelters are fantastic if you breed shrimp, fish or just have shy critters. They are made of 3 sections that are about 2cm wide (bit less than an inch) and are small enough to be an unobtrusive, even attractive addition to any planted aquarium.


    The little "caves" give your berried shrimp a great place to hide and not be bothered when they are about to give birth. In turn, your shrimplets (and fry) will use these shelters as refuge from the other inhabitants of your aquarium which can dramatically increase survival rate.


    Even if you don't breed shrimp or fish, sometimes, shy species such as Cherry Barbs just want to be left alone - so do them your critters and favor and give them the privacy they need. You'll be rewarded with a healthier, more productive breeding colony!


    Length: 7 cm/2.5"

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