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VIV Lily Outflow (17mm and 13mm)
  • VIV Lily Outflow (17mm and 13mm)

    An absolute marvel of aquatic engineering, VIV's Lily outflow is the one of the most important upgrades to canister filtration since canister filters. These alone are a great reason to replace that Hang-on-Back filter for an external system!


    All Lily pipes are designed specifically for the needs of planted aquariums. When used alongside either the matching VIV Lily inflow or our house brand Lily Inflow, they will completely transform the look for your tank by replacing a lot of potentially ugly plastic hardware with crystal clear - almost invisible glass. They can make your planted aquarium look even more like a little slice of aquatic paradise.


    Aesthetics aside, Lily pipes also improve water movement noticeably in your tank and create a gentle but noticeable current that distributes freshly filtered water all over your aquarium. They will decrease or eliminate stale spots and efficiently distrbute CO2 everywhere, making the most of your in-tank or in-line CO2 injection system.


    Because they only minimally disturb the water surface, Lily pipes are also Fantastic for keeping CO2 dissolved in the water while still pulling in oxygen from the air.


    When placed higher, closer to the surface, they are great for creating a gentle vortex that sucks in surface scum, dissolving it harmlessly in the water column without needing a skimmer or a bubbler.


    These glass pipes are designed to be mounted using the included suction cup but are also compatible with dedicated mounting brackets. They are suitable for both rimmed and rimless  tanks and come in two sizes to fit your canister hosing.


    If you have other specific requirements such as a deep aquarium or want a very fast or slow flowing water current, check out our other types of Lily pipes to find one that is just right for you.



    17mm (for 16/22 hosing )

    Height: 18 cm or 7"

    Width: 18 cm or 7"

    Recommended for aquariums deeper  than 13cm or 4.5" 

    Model number: 100-05


    13mm (for 12/16) hosing)

    Hieght: 18 cm or 7"

    Width: 13cm or 5"

    Recommended for aquariums deeper than 13cm or 4.5"

    Model number: 100-02

    • VIV Glassware

      Looking for the best glassware in the industry?


      VIV produces one of the largest selections of the highest quality Lily pipes and other glassware with no compromises at a great price - often less than half the competition.


      If you want the best of the best for your aquarium, you really can't go wrong with VIV!


      All VIV glassware is made from thick, optical quality glass treated with proprietary methods and materials which makes them easy to clean and less likely to scratch or shatter.


      You will not be dissappointed!


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