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VIV Mini Lily Inflow (Classic)
  • VIV Mini Lily Inflow (Classic)

    SKU: VIV200-06

    The VIV Mini Lily Inflow Classic is a beautiful, crystal-clear, glass intake designed for NANO aquariums. It is especially well suited for shallower tanks. The inflow will mount down to a maximum depth of just over 13cm/5". If you have a deeper aquarium, check out the deeper version of VIV Mini Lily Inflow


    Like all VIV mini series glass Lily Pipes, this inflow curves back toward the stem so as to take up the least amount of space and looks fantastic in even the smallest aquariums. It is truly a work of art and a perfect match for a beautifully planted, rimless NANO tank where most filter accessories are just too big and conspicuous. 


    This mini intake seemingly disappears and matches the scale of a small aquarium perfectly - giving the highly desirable illusion that the tank is bigger than it is.  


    The Mini Lily Inflow Classic is only available in 13mm for 12/16 hoses. If you have 16/22 hoses with your aquarium canister filter, you can still easily use these with a converter such as our stainless steel conversion joint or quick release converter.


    All VIV Mini series Lily Pipes are designed to be mounted freely, without suction cups. 


    These are designed for rimless tanks only. It is suitable for 4-7mm thick glass.



    Max Height: 15.5cm/6"

    Max Width: 5cm/2"

    Max inflow depth: 13cm/5"


    VIV Model: 200-06

    • VIV Glassware

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      If you want the best of the best for your aquarium, you really can't go wrong with VIV!


      All VIV glassware is made from thick, optical quality glass treated with proprietary methods and materials which makes them easy to clean and less likely to scratch or shatter.


      You will not be dissappointed!

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