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VIV Orchid (Violet) Inflow (17mm and 13mm)
  • VIV Orchid (Violet) Inflow (17mm and 13mm)

    Stunningly beautiful and handcrafted, these special inflows are slightly rounded and tapered at the bottom for a unique and eyecatching design. Intended to pair perfectly with the water flow requirements of the Orchid outflow, these can be just as easily used with any outflow. The flared intake slots make for a wider surface which can improve circulation at the bottom of taller or heavily planted aquariums and work together with your outflow to reduce or eliminate any stagnant dead spots.


    Designed for mounting with the included single suction cup, these can also be used with a dedicated mounting bracket for a more secure, permanent fit. 


    Available in:

    13mm for 12/16 canister hosing (VIV 200-21)

    17mm for 16/22 canister hosing (VIV 200-23)


    • VIV Glassware

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      If you want the best of the best for your aquarium, you really can't go wrong with VIV!


      All VIV glassware is made from thick, optical quality glass treated with proprietary methods and materials which makes them easy to clean and less likely to scratch or shatter.


      You will not be dissappointed!


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