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VIV Orchid (Violet) Outflow (17mm and 13mm)
  • VIV Orchid (Violet) Outflow (17mm and 13mm)

    Known as Orchid or Violet Lily pipes, these outflows are designed specifically to address stagnant areas of water known as “dead spots” which breed algae blooms,suppress the growth of plants and create a perfect environment for harmful anaerobic bacteria. Dead spots are especially problematic in tall tanks, tanks with a lot of hardscape and very densely planted aquariums where plants (and hardscape) may block the flow of water around them. 


    Orchid/Violet Lily pipes are designed to sit deeper in the water and have a much steeper downward slope than the Classic Lily Pipe along with a narrower opening. Orchid pipes create a moderately strong downward current toward the bottom of your aquarium where dead spots tend to form. Since they sit lower in the water than “Classic Lily Pipes” and have a minimal effect on the water surface. 


    Stagnant dead spots are great places for algae so if your aquarium has areas near the bottom where there is an usual amount of algae, often accompanied by poor  plant growth, consider an Orchid or Violet outflow. You should see a difference very quickly once the water gets moving again. Depending on how high these pipes are mounted, they can have different effects so some trial and error may be called for.


    Because they do not disturb the water surface, this type of Lily pipes is ideal for CO2 injected aquariums in general and in-line CO2 systems in particular. If you have a biofilm problem, consider a classic lily pipe or an intake skimmer.


    These glass pipes are designed to be mounted using the included suction cup but are also compatible with dedicated mounting brackets. They are suitable for both rimmed and rimless  tanks and come in two sizes to fit your canister hosing.


    If you have other specific requirements such as a deep aquarium or want a very fast or slow flowing water current, check out our other types of Lily pipes to find one that is just right for you.



    17mm (for 16/22 hosing )

    Height: 18 cm or 7"

    Width: 18 cm or 7"

    Recommended for aquariums deeper  than 13cm or 4.5" 

    Model number: 100-23


    13mm (for 12/16) hosing)

    Hieght: 18 cm or 7"

    Width: 13cm or 5"

    Recommended for aquariums deeper than 13cm or 4.5"

    Model number: 100-21

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